Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year's Eve Jumpsuit

I loved BurdaStyle 11/2011 #102 from the knees up! As drafted, it had pegged and ruched ankles that make it look much too Star Trekkie for me:

I widened the legs at the hip using that angle to go down to the bottom of the leg. Using this slinky metallic knit I was able to get just the look I was after.

I made a sash tie at the waist and ruched it with elastic which I placed center back. I tacked it only the width of the elastic in the casing so that it also anchors my elastic from moving around. It looks good and keeps everything from being fiddly.

I'm really loving this jumpsuit and would like to make it again in a more casual knit. For now I think I will feel great wearing it to ring in 2017!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cloning My Favorite j.jill Tee

Hello dear readers, old and new,
I'm back! I would like to say by popular demand but au contraire, it is to post for my dear friend Roz at Sew Much Fabric in contribution to her great series on Wardrobe Basics. And what item in a wardrobe is more basic than the T-shirt? It can transition from flea market to cocktail simply by changing from jeans and flats to a skirt and heels. Well, and maybe a little spritz of your fragrance after powdering your nose!
I have had this j.jill tee for probably 10 years. It's so ratty I don't wear it any longer but I've hung on to it because one day I wanted to clone it. Roz's invitation to participate in her Basics series was just the impetus I needed.
Here is a comparison of the old and new:

What I love about the j.jill shirt is the double layer front that creates a soft, becoming V-neck eliminating the need for neck binding, which on a V-neck can be fiddly. The best part of it, however, is the beefy rayon knit from Sew Much Fabric! I plan on buying this in every color that Roz stocks.
For my project I used my old standby Vogue 8536 which is no longer in print. Why, I don't know because it is the most basic of basics for great tees. Grab it online somewhere if you don't have it.

All I did was cut 2 fronts and use one for a facing and then treating them as one. At the back neck I made a binding from shoulder to shoulder. Easy peasy.

I wore the tail off of this shirt in Morocco. It's a great layering piece as proven in this picture taken in the Atlas mountains. It was one of 7, yes seven, shirts I had on that day because it was so cold.

As noted above, a basic tee can go from work... 
 to an evening out in no time!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope to have some exciting new projects to post soon!